The BackBottle by Fix It Sticks

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Bottle + Hydration Pack = The BackBottle

The BackBottle is designed to allow easy access in and out of jersey pockets for endurance athletes.

BackBottles ship First Class Mail and will arrive in 3-5 days to US address

  • Going for long rides and not worrying about having enough water: 
  • Avoiding click-clacking through mid-ride stops (and save 4 actual minutes):
  • Cyclocross races and practice - having hydration allows you to go a little harder
  • Shorter mountain bike rides/races 
  • Filling hydration packs with drink mix and having to clean them out after the ride 
  • Racing triathlons - avoid slowing at aid stations, hydrate when you choose
  • Not having support at a race and needing to carry extra fluids
  • Accessible like a pack, easy to carry, clean and affordable like a bottle
The design is mission specific. It was created to do exactly three things very well.
  1. Fit comfortably in the back of a cycling jersey - DONE.
  2. Allow quick entry/exit while riding - DONE.
  3. Stay in the pocket and not eject unexpectedly - DONE.

For $12, give it a shot!

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