Videos/FAQ's for The Weatherneck - the worlds most innovative balaclava

On Kickstarter we raised over $70,000, on our concept here is the video for "The System":


Machine washable? YES! BUT....hang dry ONLY since the magnets stick to washing machines it damages the fabric much quicker. 

Will the magnets hurt my phone/electronics? No! The fear of magnets and credit cards/electronics is outdated (for real, just google it). 

Will magnets hurt my body? Only if you use a pacemaker. If you do, seriously don't buy The Weatherneck System.

Will magnets effect my inner chi? I think it only enhances your chi.

Are the magnets safe? They are as long as they are sewn in place. If the product fails and the magnets escape PLEASE THROW THE MAGNETS AWAY ASAP. 

Do the magnets wear out? yes, after about 400 years.

Why not use hook and loop? Hook and loop was less than ideal for me. It gets messy, doesn't work well after it gets dirty and is abrasive to other gear. When I tested hook and loop it would remove, but you had to do it in a very specific way. Magnets offered many more features.

Does it protect against contaminants and pollution? I've not specifically tested The Weatherneck as a environmental aid, but it certainly does keep dirt and dust out of your mouth.

Have a gen1 Weatherneck?

Here is the video of re-sizing process (this will work on version 2 face masks too)


Does The Weatherneck work with a full face motorcycle helmet?


Check out the Brian Davis YouTube channel too!