About The Weatherneck: a breathable balaclava


Innovation through frustration continues in the 3rd stall.

After creating Fix It Sticks & The BackBottle I introduced The Weatherneck System.

A few years ago I saw a photo of a pro cyclist in spring training wearing a neck warmer. I made one myself and found that a little fabric around the neck goes a very long way to stay warm.

Since then, I've always had one thought: "balaclavas are great, right up until they aren't". I like being protected from the wind, breathing warm air and getting heated up, but once warm I sometimes overheat, then the ONLY thing I wanted to do was get those things off my neck!

  • I needed to be able to take the facemask off quickly without stopping my activity.
  • I needed a balaclava to fit loose or tight depending on the conditions.
  • I needed a balaclava that would reduce the moisture build-up against my face, so I needed a "breathable balaclava".
  • I wanted an all black balaclava to keep things simple and making in the USA would be cool too.

I had a PROBLEM and I created a SOLUTION

 The Weatherneck System is the world's most thoughtful 3-in-1 balaclava for skiing, snowboarding, cycling, fatbiking, xc ski, motorcycle, etc.


Having successfully completed 5 Kickstarter campaigns for @fixitsticks, @backbottle and now, @theweatherneck I am grateful for the support of my backers and customers.

Three years ago I quit my day job to focus on working in the industry and sport I love, which is cycling. I am extremely grateful for that opportunity. I would NOT be here without you!

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Ideas are easy, execution is where it gets tricky. I excel at execution. 

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Have a great ride,