A 3-in-1 Modular Balaclava

Hat + Facemask + Balaclava

The Three Season Solution

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Tactical breathable all black balaclava military approved

A Breathable, Breakaway Balaclava

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One Size Fits All Face Mask

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removable breathable balaclava like a buff except removable and adjustable
helmet liner hat for winter cycling and winter running

Hat, Face Mask and Balaclava in 1

Stay Warm

Breathable, Ventilated Face Mask and Hat - cause you're on the move

Breathe Easy
black balaclava - a sports face mask for winter sports like running, cycling, motorcycling etc.

What the press thinks of The Weatherneck


As with most balaclavas, the Weatherneck takes the sting out of a freezing conditions. What sets this one apart is that you can work hard in it without feeling like you are being slowly smothered with a wet towel. It breathes exceptionally well and, should temperatures warm during your ride, removing the face mask can be done on the fly, in seconds. - Vernon Felton

Average Joe Cyclist

This is a very highly recommended cycling balaclava. It keeps you warm, while feeling comfortable and letting you breathe as much as you want. Best of all, it is super flexible so you can adjust on the saddle as you warm up. I recommend it for cyclists, but it would also be ideal for hikers and for all kinds of snow sports.

Road Bike Rider

Having a 3-in-1 winter hat, facemask and balaclava that is customizable as your body temperature changes during a ride is unique. The Weatherneck System provides all that

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What our customers think about The Weatherneck

Runners Rejoice!

Finished my run today, I love the The Weatherneck Mullet Hat, it works so well keeping your ears and back of your neck warm!! - Mike J.

Warm & Toasty

Great product! Kept my face warm in the wind and snow today. Worked awesome in this weather." -Mike B. 


Shoveling, riding, etcetera, etcetera...

"Yes I am wearing my Weatherneck System for the first time. Love it. I even wore the hat shoveling snow. This is going to be my favorite."

Gary S.



I'm impressed. 2 hours of running to the chipper. No fog. Btw, if that's yoga pant material I would like to see the class where they are wearing those tights. Also, the magnets can be a safety feature.

-Jeff S.


It's Perfect

"I LOVE IT!!!!!! Perfection!!! Absolutely no fogging of the goggles and it was easy to breathe. And my face AND BACK OF NECK was toasty warm!"

- Willa G.


Reverend Approved!

"The breathable balaclava mesh worked perfectly. There is a fine line between breathable and maintaining facial warmth and you guys nailed it. Not only did my face stay comfortable my goggles did not fog up and the magnetic securing system worked flawlessly.

As for the headgear venting you nailed that with a perfect balance between heat maintenance and heat dispersement. I would say to others considering your product to buy with confidence because your product rocks!"

- Rev. Jeff B. - Nebraska


Before & After

Problem-"These Buff things are useless. Basically waterboarding once the fabric saturates. Can't wait for The Weatherneck I ordered to come in."

Solution-"Here's what I just started using. Only balaclava/mask I've ever had that didn't feel like I was being waterboarded. (referencing The Weatherneck System)"

- Kevin C.


Ski and Bike

"Happy to report that this system is perfect. Not much speed and plenty of heavy breathing and the glasses didn't fog, breathing was unhindered, and my face was kept at optimum comfort"

Bob A. 

Later: "That testimonial wasn't smoke up anyone's ass. This product is absolutely phenomenal!"

The Weatherneck Origins

We Were Launched on Kickstarter

The Weatherneck completed 2 successful Kickstarter campaigns that both delivered on time.

Selling over $70,000 in pre-orders we have loads of happy customers all over the world. Here is our video from the 2nd campaign.

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